Industrial Unit Refurbishment


Danby's Precision Engineering


Beverley - East Yorkshire


Breezeblock Painting, Structural Beams Painting, Cladding Painting, Roller Shutter Spraying, Roof Spraying

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The Job

This project involved a full decoration refurbishment, both internally and externally. The process was as follows:

  • Provisional jet wash/clean of cladding and roof, including all internal areas(stripping exististing plastisol)
  • Roof was sprayed using Rustoleum Noxyde to provide a thick protective coating
  • Cladding was also sprayed using Noxyde
  • Breezeblocks & Internal Beams were painted internally
  • Roller Shutters were painted

This project took just under a month to complete. Our Client was very happy with the final look and has certainly increased the value of their property.